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As we are in 2014, mobile phones still become the basic tool for communicating with others through voice calls and text messages. These devices are priced accordingly based on features and other considerations. Despite declines in sales, feature phones will still be much demand during the 2014, due to their unbeatable low prices. With two-year contract agreement, it will still be possible in 2014 to get these basic phones for free. Manufacturers will continue to produce low cost feature phones with basic functionality. Although these devices are technologically way below typical smartphones, users can still get some useful capability, such as music playback and basic photo/video capture.

Next year, smartphone manufacturers will still introduce high-end technology. So, 2014 will shape up to be a very exciting year for smartphone consumers as a slew of interesting models are waiting to be announced. All significant announcements slated for next year including next iterations of popular lineups in the market,

While some bleeding edge devices in 2013 use ARM Cortex-A15 platforms, those released in 2014 will have Cortex-A50 technology inside them. The new ARM Cortex-A57 architecture also provides three times the performance level at similar power utilization, while the ARM Cortex-A53 uses quarter the power at the same performance level of 2013’s superphones. More high-end smartphones in 2014 will use “true” octa-core processor. As a comparison, the international version of Samsung Galaxy S4 is driven by the Exynos 5 Octa SoC with two non-uniform quad-core packages that can’t run simultaneously. As a response to Apple’s iPhone 5S with its 64-bit processing capability, Samsung has announced its own 64-bit solution, to be used on its future high-end devices. Qualcomm seems to be a little bit reluctant to embrace the 64-bit technology and it would be a little bit late in the game. High-end smartphones in 2014 may have more than 4GB of RAM, since the 64-bit technology allows just that amount of memory to be addressed by the operating system.

In 2014, the smartphone industry won’t settle with just 1080p resolution and it is expected to jump right into the WXGA (2560 x 1600) territory. The 6-inch category will be populated with more new device models and the new screen resolution standard can keep the pixel density above 500ppi. Improvements offered by pixel density above 350ppi are no longer perceptible to human eyes, but the new resolution standard can keep images sharper and text crystal clear. More smartphones in 2014 will adopt curved, bendable and unbreakable display. Manufacturers will use the new display category to make their smartphones stand out from the rest of the competition.

Cameras will still be a big battleground in the smartphone industry, as major manufacturers are pushing to the limit to deliver better low-light performance, megapixel count, lens construction, sensor size and others. Samsung and Sony released decent camera phones in 2013; so we will see more of them coming in 2014. Better correction on angular errors will make mobile cameras more resistant to shake and instability. Better autofocus mechanism allows faster response, higher reliability and reduced battery consumption. Standard features such as 1080p video recording and OIS will begin to make their way on mid-range devices in 2014.

Consumers were happy when Apple upped its security game with the TouchID fingerprint scanner. Android device manufacturers in 2014 will respond to the new trend with their own FIDO-compliant technology. When fully implemented in 2014, Android users can rejoice that the days of standard password-based security mechanism are numbered. Since security is a critical issue, adoption of biometric technology may still take time as consumers need to learn new habits and manufacturers iron out glitches. Although some have called for an immediate end of password- and PIN-based security systems, breaches in biometric security can have more serious implications, because users can’t change their thumbprints and retina.

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