Apple iPhone 6 May Arrive on Summer 2014

Apple iPhone 6We know that it is almost certain that the iPhone 6 will have a bigger display and it could be released a bit later, possibly on September 2014. It may also arrive with the iWatch and a refreshed Apple TV model.

There’s no way to tell how big the display will be, some say that it will be 4.8-inch in diameter, others say that it will be 6-inch. However, we could speculate that the iPhone 6 could better compete with current large smartphone modes in the market. Steve Wozniak and analysts have urged Apple to produce larger iPhone model, since the company begins to lose its footing in the mobile industry.

In addition, multiple renders and concept images of the iPhone 6 shows a device with larger display. We would need to wait for a bit longer before Apple release the device, since an arrival on early 2014 could hurt the sales of the iPhone 5C ad iPhone 5S.

We could expect that the iPhone 6 will have better hardware specs than the iPhone 5S. It could be powered by an improved version of A7 64-bit processor or even A8 processor. We could say that it would be the right time Apple releases its first quad-core smartphone mode. Other features would be an updated version of iOS 7, TouchID fingerprint scanner, M7 graphics chip and probably even NFC.

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  • Piyawat

    Google doesn’t releases shit but the ICS no shit soeclhrk holmes that’s theirs. As too others they all have their on source codes, before putting idiotic stuff on here now ur going to tell me they own HTC as well N linux too, and motorola too. What i was tryn to explain was they paid google to buy the android project to make it into Android Open Source Project. So they could only use one Email carrier instead of having to sing in with different email carriers thats google part?

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