Apple iPhone 6 UK Could Finally Have NFC Support

iPhone 6Despite being slated for release in 2014, we could still make some educated guess about the iPhone 6. It is quite likely that the enlarged iPhone model will be equipped with a more improved A7 64-bit processor and updated iOS 7 operating system. On the back, we could see a rear-facing camera with a sensor larger than 10Mp. Some experts also make some bold predictions that the device will finally be equipped with the NFC technology.

An iOS device with NFC support shouldn’t be completely out of question. In fact, Apple has filed patents that based on sharing capability of NFC. Nevertheless, Apple already has quite a few things in its arsenal to wage an all-out war against the NFC implementation. Its proprietary AirDrop feature already offers seamless local data sharing among iOS devices.

The PassBook feature could also as a go-between technology for everything from event passes to gift cards. On the other hands, NFC technology is still considered a non-factor in most retail scenes. Very few consumers would consider using it when they go into a store.

This is one reason why Apple is not too enthusiastic with NFC implementations. With very few merchants supporting NFC payments, Apple wouldn’t think that adding support for the technology would actually pay off. But again, if the iPhone 6 finally has NFC, merchants will get far bigger incentive to adopt the technology. After all, whatever new things Apple adds to its new devices will become new trends in the industry.

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