Apple May Release a 5.7-inch Phablet in 2014

Apple PhabletiPhone rumors just never get old, after the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, we start to hear more reports on the iPhone 6, which could approach the physical size of the current Samsung Galaxy S4. DisplaySearch has scrounged more info on Apple’s upcoming smartphones and it found an indication that Apple could be developing a separate iPhone phablet with 5.7-inch display.

The iPhone 5S/5C shows that Apple is rather slow in adopting latest display trends. Competing high-end models are equipped with between 4.7-inch and 6.4-inch display, many with the 1080p resolution. In the meantime, Apple stays faithful with its Retina Display concept in the form of 4-inch IPS (1136 x 640) display.

Based on information gathered from supply chain, Apple is seeking to revamp its display solutions. At 5.7-inch, Apple’s upcoming phablet will compete directly with the leader in the category, Samsung Galaxy Note series. However, it isn’t known whether Cupertino will introduce its own active stylus solution.

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