BlackBerry Will Release Z50 and Q30 in 2014

BlackBerry Z50According to new reports, the Canadian company, BlackBerry, is working on their new devices, the BlackBerry Z50 and BlackBerry 30. Both would the company’s new high-end devices in 2014. The Z50 will be equipped with 5.2-inch 1080p display and quad-core processor; while the Q30 is simply a model with physical QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry could appear in Q3 2014, followed by the Q30 a bit later. Apparently, the new CEO, John S. Chen won’t let the company die, despite the highly competitive market.

Lately, haven’t heard a lot of rumors on BlackBerry’s upcoming new devices and experts tend to focus more on speculations on the company’s future in the mobile business. However, we heard last week that BlackBerry could be developing multiple mid-tier devices, to be placed in the C-Series lineup. Other than the high-end Z50 and Q30; the company will also release a couple of mid-range models.

Current Z30 and Q10 users would likely be interested with BlackBerry’s new high-end models in 2014; while owners of older, non-BB10 could find new C-series more appealing. Despite the significant improvement in hardware configuration, the Z50 and Q30 will still lag behind the competition. High-end devices in 2014 will be equipped with 2k screen resolution, larger display size, curved design, fingerprint scanner, 64-bit processor and 13Mp camera or higher.

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