Camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 May Be Eight Times Brighter

Samsung PhonesOnline sources have recently suggested that Samsung could be working on adding an improved model of 13Mp camera to its upcoming phablet model, the Galaxy Note 4. The camera is optimized for enhanced low-light performance. One impressive piece of detail is that the sensor will be able to deliver eight times the brightness level of camera used by the current Note 3. It also has a built-in “anti-shake” feature that may simulate the use of tripod.

It is useful when taking pictures or videos on a moving platform, or when users simply can’t keep their hand steady. Cameras on high-end devices are able to fix errors up to 0.7-degree, while the new anti-shake feature can correct up to 1.5-degree of angular error.

New Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models typically deliver more improved photography solutions compared to their predecessors. There’s a speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will arrive quite early in the United Kingdom, probably on February 2014. This could also suggest that the Note 4 will also arrive earlier than expected.

Samsung may offer us early details on the Note 4 on Mobile World Congress or CES events next year. Reports also said that Samsung will start the production of its new camera module early next year. If the rumors are true, the new sensor would be an important differentiator for Samsung’s high-end devices. However, Nokia is expected to deliver the best photography capability in the phablet sector with its PureView-equipped Lumia 1520.

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