Charging an iPhone 6 Can Be Very Cheap

iPhone 6Depending on the plan and models, we may need to spend between $200 and $650 for the new iPhone 6. How, it could ease our mind a little that we will need to spend only $0.47 each year to charge the phone. Hardware experts have measured that it takes 10.5 Watt-hour to fully charge an iPhone 6.

It is also expected that a smartphone owner will spend only once a day. Obviously, the iPhone 6 Plus will need more power to charge its bigger battery, but this also means that users need to charge it less often.

If we know how much power needed to fully charge the battery, it should be easy to calculate the annual power consumption.  So, it turns out that charging our iPhone 6 is actually among the most affordable things we do in a year. In total, we requires only about 3.8 kilowatt hours to charge the iPhone 6 in a year. As a comparison, the iPhone 5 is slightly cheaper to charge and it requires only $0.41 each year. However, we don’t see how the iPhone 6 compare with current Windows Phone and Android devices in the market.

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