Google Quietly Introduces Android 5.1 Lollipop

Google-QuietlyGoogle has launched the Android 5.1 rather quietly today. The new software version is listed multiple times on the Android One site in Indonesia. The software is available for three entry-level local devices made by Evercoss, Mito and Nexian. They all show the Android software version pre-installed. As an example, a photo of about page from the Evercoss One X shows the new Android version.

It has been reported previously that the new software version will be released in February. It will re-introduce the silent mode that Google removed with the original Lollipop. Other enhancements include improved system memory management, improvements in system stability, improved battery management, fixes for app closures bugs, fixes for excessive data consumption on WiFi network, more stable wireless connections, fixes for notifications issues, fixes for Okay Google issues and other improvements.

Google has yet to publish its official change list for the Android 5.1, but we should already know what software improvements we will get. However, each major update is now indicated by new names. The Android 5.1 will still be named Lollipop, just like the Jelly Bean that’s used for Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. So, it is clear that someone didn’t forget to cue the fanfare, because the Android 5.1 is not something too significant.

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