HTC Will Produce Three Kindle Smartphone Models in 2014

HTC Kindle SmartphoneHTC and Amazon could be partnering on the long-rumored Kindle smartphone. The struggling device manufacturers really need to sell more handsets and the partnership with retail behemoth could give some financial help. HTC could produce three different smartphone models for Amazon and one of them may already enter later development stage. Codenamed “Smith”, the phone may arrive next year if Amazon plans to stick with its roadmap.

It is still unclear how these devices will look alike what hardware specs they’ll have. We do know that Amazon typically offers affordable devices, starting from the original Kindle Fire, which allowed users to purchase a tablet model at a low price. These three smartphones could also be reasonably affordable, but Amazon could compensate that with content sales from its online store, including movies, TV shows, music, ebooks and others.

It is a good thing that Amazon has been a bit more aggressive with its hardware offering ad it has released the Kindle Fire HDX tablet.
One thing is clear that Amazon has been quite consistent in its Android implementation and it always reworks the open-source mobile platform to better suit its own goals.

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