iPhone 5C Price Cuts May Indicate Earlier Arrival of iPhone 6 in the UK

Apple iPhone 5CAfter the release of iPhone 5S/5C in the United Kingdom, we could finally turn our attention to what the company is cooking for the 2014. Quite likely, against Steve Jobs’ wish to stick to smaller and more manageable devices, Apple under Tim Cook will likely release a much bigger iPhone model.

One interesting detail about the phone is when Apple would actually release it in the UK. We have heard recently that the iPhone 6 would be announced on September next year. But it is still important to pay attention to signs we see in the market.

Multiple retailers have recently cut the price of the “low-cost” iPhone 5C. Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target have offered $50 discount on the device. So, what consumers in the UK can learn from this development? It is quite likely that Apple has overestimated the market demand for its colourful iPhone model. On the other hand, Apple is still struggling to deliver enough iPhone 5S in the market due to its high demand.

Apple may endorse these recent price cuts and it could be the company’s way to maximize the output of its manufacturing facility. The company may get less profit for each unit of the phone, but with more devices sold, Apple will still get a sizable amount of revenue. One thing is clear, when this new strategy fails to improve the sales of iPhone 5C, that may encourage Apple to push the arrival of iPhone 6 to an earlier date.

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