iPhone 6 Could Arrive in the UK on September 2014

Apple iPhone 6The brewing clash between Samsung’s and Apple’s upcoming heavyweights would be a rather classic match in the smartphone industry. In 2014, we could see the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 would be involved in fierce battle with one another. However, the iPhone 6 would likely be a latecomer, since Apple may plan to release it on September next year. On the other hand, due to somewhat weak sales, Samsung may plan to unveil the Galaxy S5 in January next year, with arrival in the UK possibly on February. Previously, we heard that the iPhone 6 will arrive in March.

For consumers in the UK, this could a repeat to what we saw recently with the iPhone 5S/5C. The iPhone 6 could get announced on September 2014 with availability in the UK a couple of weeks later.

Analysts are quite sure that Apple will surely introduce the largest iPhone model ever next year. We heard that the device will be equipped with a 4.8-inch IGZO display, but others said that the iPhone 6 will be a phablet-sized device with a huge 5.7-inch display.

The original iPhone made quite a breakthrough with its capacitive multi-touch display. The iPhone 4 came with the Retina Display technology, but since then Apple has been rather slow in adapting to the newest technologies in display category. In the meantime, Android device makers have gone crazy with their oversized, high-resolution 1080p displays. The current trend is smartphone with display sizes between 4.7- and 6.4-inch full HD displays, which deliver higher pixel density than Apple’s Retina Display technology.


    • Joelton

      Android? is still made by Google and Google only.Google decides when to relesae the source codes, Samsung, HTC, LG, ZTE, Huawei etc are all members of this alliance. They contribute improved Code, such as how SGS 2 got GPU accelleration in the Browser and other parts of the UI, that was samsungs’ code and probobly given to Google.The Open Handset Alliance doesn’t really have that much control over the development of Android as a group compared to Google ( a member) a single entity

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