iPhone 6 Plus is Affected By Crash and Loop Problem

iPhone 6 PlusWhile people has started to forget about the infamous #bendgate, a new problem has started to pop up and it also affects the enlarged iPhone 6 Plus. The 5.5-inch phablet seems to be vulnerable to specific software issues that cause it to crash and start a loop. In this case, the phone will simply crash and reboot continuously.

People with affected units have taken their device to the nearest Apple Store to get a direct replacement. In fact, some users have reported that their fourth replacements units exhibit the same software issue. It appears that the problem more likely to occur on people with iPhone 6 Plus 128GB who have installed many apps in their devices. It is assumed that some of these are not fully compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and its new software, causing random crashes and other glitches. However, some users argue that even if they have uninstalled these apps, the method still doesn’t bring a temporary fix.

It is not known whether this issue will be significant and hashtagged, like the #bendgate. Despite these issues, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are still among the most successful devices in the market. Obviously, Apple needs to respond to this problem immediately and provides an effective solution.

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