iPhone Models in 2014 May Feature Curved, Pressure-Sensitive Display

Curved iPhonesSources told us that Apple could be working on multiple new iPhone models with curved display for release on 2nd half of 2014, possible on the 3rd quarter. These devices could also be equipped with pressure-sensitive panels to improve experience for UK consumers. Inclusion of new sensors on the next iPhone model is certainly an interesting development, for those who consider that Apple is lagging behind the competition.

A curved iPhone with true pressure sensitivity capability could make it easier for users draw, sketch and handwrite on the display. At the moment, apps developers in the UK could only use iPhone’s accelerometer to come up with a cruder alternative to pressure-sensitive display. The new phone would appeal to professionals with focus on artistic works. For average users, the sensitive display will make it easier for them jot notes and perform other tasks, such as performing photo touch-ups.

It’s obviously very early to determine whether these claims are accurate, the reputation of sources may give these rumors some weight. As the upcoming iPhone models will join the ranks of large-screened smartphones, it would be sensible for Apple to immediately include relevant trends in the UK, such as curve shape and pressure-sensitive panels.

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