Microsoft Lumia 535 is Affected by Excessively Sensitive Touchscreen Display

Microsoft Lumia 535Complaints about the Lumia 535 have emerged in recent weeks. It appears that the display of the phone is overly too sensitive. It seems to be related in how the display tracks our finger when it touches the glass.

Lumia 535 users encounter multi-touch problems, which makes it harder for them to use specific apps, such as the Word Flow. It is a Swype-based typing app developed for Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and it is working to deliver a fix. Some users reported that they are able to partially address the sensitivity problem by disabling the Screen Magnifier feature. It is enabled on the Lumia 535 by default and users could turn it off by going to Settings> Ease of Access.

Several owners of OnePlus One have also reported the same problem. It appears that there’s a manufacturing flaw that causes the connector of flexible digitizer to contact the phone’s metallic body. This results in a grounding issue and the problem has been addressed in subsequent batches by the addition of insulating material. It is not known whether the Lumia 535 has the same grounding issue.

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