Microsoft May Release Surface Phone in 2014

Microsoft Surface PhoneWith its rather unpopular Windows RT operating system, the Surface tablet didn’t quite take off in a way Microsoft had hoped. The company wants to rectify that with the Surface 2 tablet and this leads to possibility on the release of the Surface Phone. There’s no guarantee that the phone will be released, but it does sound quite obvious that the company should release it to appeal more to users.

Such a smartphone model should be based on the design characteristics of the Surface tablet. The display should be at least 4.7-inch with 1080p resolution. The chassis should be quite slim, possibly less than 8mm thick and this allows Microsoft to deliver a design that tantalizes our taste buds.

Like the Surface 2, the Surface Phone could come with limited color option, such as black and pale silver. It should have a surface with matte magnesium-alloy material that does a great job repelling both finger smudges and scratches. Other likely design characteristics may include rounded corners and blunt edges.

One major issue with the device would be availability of 3rd party apps, but it is a good thing that the apps catalog in Windows Store is growing steadily.

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