New Launch Center Pro Updates Offers New Functionality

Launch Center ProMany iPhone users want to get things done efficiently and quickly. With the Launch Center Pro, they should be able to achieve this more easily. It allows users to quickly open actions and apps in one central area. The newest update of the app provides IFTTT supports and many more. The update also allows the Launch Center to be operated in the notification center.

With the Today Widget option, users should be able to create many action shortcuts for them. It will display four action icons for each row and users can add as many rows as they want. Action icons can be arranged as needed by tapping and holding them. In order to open the Launch Center Pro widget, users could open the notification center, look for the Edit button, tap on it and include the Launch Center Pro. With this simple technique, all action shortcuts should be available for users and they can tap on each icon to launch an assigned app or action.

It appears that the Launch Center Pro and the Today widgets are working quite flawlessly and setting them up is also a breeze. In this case, users could simply use the intuitive and natural gestures to achieve what they want.

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