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Pantech is planning to release many new phones in 2014. In such a competitive phone market it is not easy to choose best phone which suits need, requirement and budget. Pantech keep on adding new phone models and if you read phone news on regular basis then it’s far more easy for you to find best phone for you.

We started 2014 Phones to help users find best phones as per their need and requirement. We keep watch on new Pantech phones coming in market and update pantech phone on timely basis so that our users can stay updated with latest pantech phone news.

Our news and review are more helpful if you are planning to buy a new Pantech smartphone in 2014 as our focus is solely on Pantech phone going to be release in 2014, you can also read reviews on Pantech phones in phone review section. On time to time basis we keep on updating our phone deals page where we list phone deals on regular basis, you can take benefit by buying discounted Pantech phones from 2014 Phones.

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