Poor Sales of LG G3 Screen Could be Caused by NUCLUN’s Disappointing Performance Level

LG G3 SmartphoneLG unveiled the LG G3 Screen last month and it was released exclusively for consumers in South Korea. Inside, the G3 Screen is based on the company’s proprietary NUCLUN octa-core chipset. Unfortunately, despite its seemingly flawless specs sheet and bigger physical size, the phone isn’t doing very well. According to specific sources, it is believed that the NUCLUN chipset is actually a less capable platform.

Technologically, it is even one generation behind low-cost platforms released by Chinese manufacturers, including Huawei and MediaTek. LG has spent two years to develop the processor and it took nearly $180 million to deliver it to users. Reportedly, LG needs to downclock the processor aggressively due to high temperature problems. This has resulted in unsatisfactory performance level.

The LG G3 Screen is currently available for a measly $179 and it suffers a rather poor sales growth. Overall, the LG NUCLUN is based on the ARM big.LITTLE configuration, consisted of 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 quad-core package and 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 quad-core package. As we all know, the original Snapdragon 600 delivers acceptable performance with the same design, so the problem is likely related to the phone’s firmware.

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