Prynt Smartphone Case Allows Us to Print Picture From Our Smartphone Directly

Prynt Smartphone CaseMany users want to get the ability to print pictures from their devices directly. This should be one really neat photography feature to have. Some developers from France have discovered a way to do that and it is not just a concept borrowed from Polaroid.

Prynt is a smartphone case that has the ability to print reasonably small hard copies of our photographs. The form factor and size of the case could really prove how compact such a case could be. The companion app seems to work flawlessly in assisting us when we take photos.

We could hold the recently printed picture in front of the main camera when the Prynt app is still open. This will make the “Play” button to appear on the display. By tapping it, we should be able to run videos that were recorded while the picture is being taken. In essence, Prynt doesn’t only provide us with the ability to print hard copies, but also videos that may capture some valuable moment. It should be noted that it will still be awhile before we get the device, because the Kickstarter campaign would start next year.

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