Samsung Galaxy S5 May Arrive in the UK on February 2014

New Samsung PhonesDespite significant excitements in the industry, Samsung recently reported that the sales of Galaxy S4 are less than stellar. This situation may have compelled the South Korean company to push the arrival of the Galaxy S5 to an earlier date. It said that the Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S5 in January 2014 and it may hit the shelves is the United Kingdom the following months.

This could mean that the Galaxy S4 would have shorter shelf-life as flagship device than expected. Although Samsung will still sell the Galaxy S4 throughout the 2014, it will be designated as an upper mid-range device, like the current Galaxy S3.

The original Galaxy S and the Galaxy S3 were able to stay at the top of Samsung’s smartphone hierarchy for one year each, while the Galaxy S2 is the most successful model, keeping its flagship status for 15 months. Another reason for the earlier release could be to pre-empt the Apple iPhone 6, which would arrive with much enhanced features, including a larger display and phablet design.

Featuring the HMP (heterogeneous multi-processing) technology, Samsung would be able to simultaneously activate all eight core of the Exynos 5430 processor on the Galaxy S5. It could also be equipped with a 16Mp or more improved 13Mp rear-facing camera.

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