Vsenn Modular Phones Will Us Paranoid Android ROM

Paranoid Android VsennParanoid Android is one of the more popular Android ROM for people who habitually flash custom ROMs on their devices. Along with the CyanogenMod, it is often used by the modding community. While its competitor, the CyanogenMod has started to enter the mainstream smartphone industry, through the Oppo N1 and OnePlus One, Vsenn’s modular device will get the Paranoid Android.

Vsenn is a smartphone model similar to the Project Ara, which allows users to use different modular components. At the moment, Vess allows users only to replace three components, camera, battery and processor/RAM combo. This should cover much of the basic. The company has stated recently that Paranoid Android will be their new partner and it is possible for users to flash the ROM without getting their phone’s warranty voided.

At the moment, there’s no word whether Vsenn will add other ROMs to the list. What’s needed is to ensure that these ROMs will still support multiple proprietary functions, such as the noise reduction algorithm. At the moment, the Vsenn modular smartphone hasn’t been released, but many people are eagerly looking forward to try it.

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